aich2: Accelerating the Hydrogen Future

Accelerating the Hydrogen Future
Our Vision

A carbon-neutral world, powered by clean, on-demand Hydrogen.

By 2025, we will be positioned to disrupt a number of verticals with commercially available hydrogen production units at the point of use.

Our Mission

We will commercialize the world’s first robust and scalable solution for producing hydrogen on-demand, at the point of use.

We will enable humanity to decrease its dependence on fossil fuels and existing hydrogen production methods that are both costly and unsustainable.

aich2 and its strategic partners are positioned to co-develop the technology to a market-ready prototype within 6-9 months, and we have already curated a number of end users who will further develop the tech for specific use cases.

Open to Investment

Aich2 is accelerating the adoption and integration of Green Hydrogen through the development of an economically superior closed loop hydrogen energy ecosystem that will fundamentally change the march to Net Zero.
As we work to accelerate this hydrogen future, Aich2 is now accepting investment through an active seed-funding raise.

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Hydrogen technology is widely accepted as a leading option for climate sustainability and the goal of a net zero energy economy.


Legacy technical & economic challenges are impeding the Hydrogen Future.

Inefficient, costly value chain

Hydrogen is currently mass-produced in central locations, cooled, compressed, and transported to the point-of-use. This creates a massive carbon footprint requiring costly and complex logistics.

Unacceptable emissions

Only 1% of hydrogen production today is considered low-emission. Most methods of hydrogen production rely on fossil fuels and produce significant GHG’s.

For Hydrogen to be a truly green, net zero solution, the entire value chain has to be green—including energy inputs in hydrogen production and the entire storage and transport infrastructure which are currently fossil fuel dependent.

Our Solution

100% pure hydrogen energy, transported without the need to compress or liquify.

On-demand, point-of-use production

Instead of creating the hydrogen at a centralized plant and distributing it around the world, our technology enables on-site hydrogen generation fueled by Solid Hydrogen.

Hydrogen through chemical process

Our Solid Hydrogen fuel contains a proprietary mixture of hydrogen-containing chemicals that when placed in contact with water, releases hydrogen gas from both the chemical mixture and the water. Only hydrogen gas is released in this reaction.

Zero waste byproduct

Oxygen produced from the water molecules is recombined with the residual chemicals to form a non-hazardous solid. This solid can be reclaimed, repurposed, or regenerated


Countless short-term applications means our technology will positively change the green energy ecosystem within 2 years.


Refueling stations have been deployed globally, that number is growing 50% year over year currently.


Of global demand is in the US and Canada, right in aich2’s backyard.


Hydrogen projects announced in North America alone as of January 31, 2023.


Investments into hydrogen projects announced by 2030.

Our solutions can be immediately applied to industrial sectors already heavily invested in hydrogen, and tackle mobility.

Hydrogen is already being used in these industries, but ineffectively and with high environmental cost.

Fueling Stations

We will combine and commercialize our technology to address the climate impact of transportation that account for over 75% of GHG emissions.

Of emission impact comes from shipping.
Of emission impact comes from aviation.
Of global emissions come from automotive transport.

Why Us?

Countless short-term applications means our technology will positively change the green energy ecosystem within 2 years.

We are focused on combining and commercializing the perfect complement of existing technological solutions and expert talent to create value and impact.

We will cross geographic and geopolitical lines to curate best-in-class technologies and a complement of experts to unlock value and relentlessly drive to net zero through hydrogen.

Our approach is to license, buy, and/or build whatever is necessary to create value and lasting environmental impact.

Headshot for Eric Brown, President, CEO, and Co-Founder
Eric Brown
President / CEO / CO-Founder
Physician Executive / Entrepreneur
Headshot for Stewart Mackie, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder.
Stewart Mackie
Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder
Research & Logistics Expert
Headshot for Stephen Creager, Advisory Board, Associate Dean, Professor of Chemistry at Clemson University
Stephen Creager
Advisory Board / Associate Dean / Professor of Chemistry at Clemson University
Hydrogen Technology Expert
Headshot of Rahoul Mehra, Advisory Board
Rahoul Mehra
Advisory Board
Climate Entrepreneur / Investor / Advisor
Headshot of Jason Scott, Advisory Board
Jason Scott
Advisory Board
Sustainable Investor / Climate Advocate / Advisor
Headshot of Anna Wang, Advisory Board
Anna Wang
Advisory Board
Global Business Strategist / Advisor
Headshot of Anna Wang, Advisory Board
Advisory Board / Associate VP Research USC
Hydrogen Technology Expert
Dr Michael Matthews

Join the Hydrogen Future.

Eric Brown
President / CEO / Co-Founder
(803) 626-6885
“There are so many brilliant people in the clean energy space immersed in creating or operationalizing some core element that addresses climate change. Our company is focused on how the ideal combination of solutions and expertise can create entirely new ecosystems that accelerate the planet to Net Zero faster and more economically.”

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